Friday, August 24, 2012

Bad luck, Poor luck

Seems as if my luck hasn't been going the greatest lately. A multitude of things have gone wrong. But!! I'll ask you to prove me wrong if you think I'm going to let that stop me. So!

Although I have now lost my phone ( yes, that's right) it also means I can't dump all my pictures on you from the week. ( do I hear cheering from some?)
Well don't cheer too loudly because I've got more than one modern device to take pictures of happenings for me!
So (joy) there WILL be another boring photo post this week!
The show must go on..

I am SO addicted to crust right now. Gah!

I am in love with a short barely bald man. betwixt me.


Here is the phone scenario. I promise I will learn from my mistakes.

Today we took Cocoa dog to Breamlea Beach in.. Let's say less than ideal weather, but we bundled ourselves up in layers of jackets and boots and persevered.

We arrived and rolled ourselves out of the car, at which point I put the keys in my jacket pocket, the dog leash in the other (they're very small pockets) and my phone in the back pocket of my jeans. ( just in case we got accosted)

We got down to the beach and walked about 10 meters down before the wind nearly blew us off our feet and I decided to head towards the safety of a large dune to sit.

On the way over to our semi ( not really) sheltered sitting spot - ( at which point I moved my phone from my back pocket to my jacket pocket) Boy got blown off his feet and I went back to pick him up and carried him over to said seated spot.

We sat down and Boy pointed at the ball which he had dropped where he had fallen ( the one we usually throw to Cocoa to keep her motivated)

A big wave came into shore and I could see it would pick the ball up and fling it into the depths of the sea if I didn't scuttle down fast and then we wouldn't be able to get Cocoa to play catch and be exercised -- because when we sit she usually just sits with us..

So I jumped to my feet and ran to the ball and quick smart barry'd out cause it was cold and I didn't want it to wet my shoes.

Returning to said seated semi unsheltered spot and throwing the ball happily to Cocoa whilst huddling with Boy. The tide was coming in and I was running out of places to throw the ball ( if you throw it into the sea she swims out to it but drops it almost always on the way back in)

I went to take a photo with my phone and it wasn't in my pocket so I searched all my pockets and my memory and I couldn't find it. So I stood up and looked around a bit. Then remembered how I had barry'd down the beach a bit earlier and got the familiar sinking feeling..

We looked and looked and I convinced myself I'd left it in the car and we headed back to look there but alas no phone. Another look on the beach, another look in the car and I decided to race down the road to a pay phone and call it to see if my suspicions were correct.

It was fully charged when we left for the beach so I knew if it rang there was hope and I should keep looking. It went straight to message bank. Nevertheless I went back to the beach but by that time the tide was so far in it was up to where our butt prints were in the sand and I knew I'd lost it to the depths of the ocean.

What I learnt:
I knew it was too cold to walk the dog today!

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