Thursday, August 23, 2012

The small house project

I wanted to put this on the blog so that we are held accountable and in 10 years if we haven't reached this goal and I am looking back and thinking "gee that was a good goal, we should get onto that" I will redirect myself.

I have this idea of my life. An idea of something simplified, yet something that is filled with generosity and versatility and sustainability and all encapsulated in a calm shell.

My thoughts are that the home you live in. The house you come home to everyday.. it is a reflection of who you are, where you are in your life. As a family, in general, what your deal is.

I think I have realised over the last fours years that a home, the way it is: how big, how small, where the rooms are. Can either encourage family unity, encourage sharing and loving each other. Or it can encourage the opposite. Separation, disintegration.

Thats not to say it is ALL about your home. It definitely depends on the people in it and the lifestyle they choose. But my view is that a home is there to encourage rather than discourage these feelings.

This is when the small house project was born.

Hunna & I have been talking and mulling through the things a home needs to function and to perform the task we think it is suppose to, and the things that just add confusion.

We want something do-able, something sustainable, something that says "us". We live here and we love it.

Here are a few ideas I have found that I want to integrate into our "us" home.

The #1st  is books

I have always wanted a library, like the ones you find in huge sprawling houses. A room filled from floor to ceiling of books to devour, discover and enjoy.

Books are the gateway to new destinations, where knowledge of all sorts can be stolen.

But considering we don't need an entire room full of books, I have settled for a wall instead.  A wall of books is what I think we shall have.

In our "us" home.

(more to come)


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