Thursday, September 13, 2012

Potty & Chocolate

The last few weeks Boy had lost the excitement for making it to the toilet ( with a potty attachment) We were having a lot of accidents... LOTS of accidents.

We saved on nappies but went through a whole bunch of paper towel.

So we went to the shop and he chose a potty ( the most expensive one mind you ) which worked for a while because he would just sit on it and watch the "b.t" (t.v) but that wasn't really training, more timing.. He sat on it so long he would just wee in it by chance.

Then he started refusing to sit on even the potty. I know he has bladder control because he doesn't wee for hours at a time but he was being stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!

I was doubting the decision to start and wondering if he was big enough to do it and decided to give it one last attempt.

So we went out yesterday afternoon and got some supplies. Made a chart, coloured it in and purchased some stickers ( and here's the clincher) a jar full of chocolate. Boy will do anything for chocolate. Even wee on the potty two times in a row! See there...last night he went before bed and today he went when he woke up this morning.

As soon as I put him on he wee'd and then looked up at me and said "chocolate ...sticker?"
So now we know. He WAS just being stubborn.


Wheeler Team said...

Haha, he's definitely one of the family...chocoalte lover AND stubborn :)

The Kings said...

yep - same with Kobe. As soon as I pulled out the treats he was toilet trained within three days! Glad it's working :)