Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"hoo hoo" he sings as he watches giggle and hoot at the end of the theme song, then my heart melts.

"sing, sing" he says as we "wooh wooh" on the train to Melbourne, then my heart melts too.

Things are slow. We are slowly getting better. Boy has a huge mosquito bite on his cheek. Easy scratching access and it bleeds and I scold and tell him not to scratch it. But "itchee Myma" .
He also has a cough still. A terrible chesty cough, but it doesn't bother him too much during the day. Just at night, so we've propped the end of his bed up and he is practically sleeping upright so he doesn't need to cough as much.

Spring is here. The weather is warmer and all ready I can feel my spirits lifting.

It is liberating without a phone. My social life is dead. Wanna hang out? You have to Facebook me a few days in advance so we can organise anything. But it's nice. It's nice to not stress "oh no! where is my phone, did I leave it at the counter " all the time. It's nice to go out and not have it buzzing Facebook notifications and SMS notifications tempting to tear me away from the now.

We play croquet on the back lawn with the set Gran and Auldyin bought last Christmas. We play "sanit" with the sandpit and drive around the deck like crazy on the bike.

It is spring. It is warm. It is love.

It's matching pajamas and thoughts of camping and roasting "mellows" on the fire.

Funny how being horribly sick with Gastro can help you appreciate the small things when you're well.

I'll leave you with last nights dinner.. YUM. Seriously, yum.

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