Friday, September 07, 2012

Sick sticks

It's 4 am, we have had the 24 hour bug hit at our place. I can tell you, it wasn't looking pretty. Of course. This time around I was hit the worst. Hunna got it for about 6 hours and Boy just seemed to have a little " I cough". The house is a sham, I can't sleep because I've slept away the last day and a half. But we all feel better and that's the main thing.

I can't look or think about food without feeling sick again, so instead I'm looking at happier times. Earlier this week..
This Boy makes me laugh. Even when we are all sick.

He came up to me, half way through yesterday. Gave me a blow kiss and a "hi" before taking a towel. For "Dadda" who was in the shower. It's nice to know, even if we are sick that he will still be there to hand us towels and rub us on the back and kiss us on the forehead.
Just like we do for him.

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