Thursday, October 04, 2012

Grumpy - Pants

Morning potty interrogations

This morning I had my grumpy pants on after Boy threw a glass jar in a minnie "I'm frustrated your not getting it Mumma" tantrum. So I sent him to bed, to sleep off his own grumpy pants.

Now I am bored. And wish I hadn't had grumpy pants on because I want to play.

But he really did need a nap since he didn't get one yesterday because we were out for lunch.

But still... that doesn't change the fact I am bored.

We are cleaning. Cleaning and packing - doing it slowly so it doesn't overwhelm me.

I am easily overwhelmed since we moved to Phillips. It has something to do with the fact that we moved in to a house that was trashed and more to do with the fact I am exhausted from cleaning at all hours.

So we have slowed the pace. Because we are getting sniffly and thats generally a good enough excuse to say "slow down cowboy"

p.s: I took up instagram again. Follow me @jess_booqi

I am deciding to facebook less and instagram more. 

That way, its more about me cataloguing my own day - not stalking other peoples days.


Spencer and Mackenzie said...

I totally owe you a serious line of communication! in the meantime, I can't find you in instagram! find me at mackenziemharding ... we need to catch up and I want to hear all about your new life in Philips

The Kings said...

I'm hearing ya with the FB/Instagram thing. I LOVE Instagram :)