Friday, October 12, 2012


Since we moved to Phillips I am getting into pinterest even more than I was before..

I just bought a beautiful solid table, oh and those chairs I told you I was crushing. And now I will make them beautiful with the power of pinterest inspiration.

So get excited for some creativeness coming soon.

On the up side I have a sliding door and the surrounding wall, one window and the surrounding wall and the roof left of this darn cleaning expedition... THEN it will be complete (until I can save for a steamer to get the niggely hard to clean corners) and life can go on as normal.

Lucky for me there hasn't been any hot weather in the last 3 weeks tempting me to procrastinate cleaning for being outside.

Lucky for me I have had some great motivating messages and visits since my last post which have given me enough gumption ( literally, thanks Mel) to continue the dreaded job. ( which had stalled a bit cause I was over it)

I have gone through 6 pairs of gloves

14 scrubbies

3 rolls of paper towel

1 tub of gumption

5 scrub brushes

Loads of spray bottles of "cleaning grimey stuff"

And a roll of 150 dry wipes

And I managed to convince Kyle to chisel the muck off the bottom of the toilet bowl so now it is sparkley clean and his chisel is ... well, not.

I cannot wait for summer to be here.

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Chelsea Parsons said...

well done Jess! Dont ya love gumption!!! We move in two weeks and I have all that cleaning ahead of me (but nothing compared to yours Im sure!!)