Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From loke to love #3

I thought we should at least get engaged .. since I have been on the way to the park for over a month.

So here it goes...

The language of loke

from loke to love part three

I am on my way to city park. I am in my dress - the dress I know I will get engaged in.

It is cream with orange and red floral print splashed across the dry silk.

I am apprehensive and excited and anxious and almost about to die from all the emotions that seem to have settled in that place in my stomach.

The one that makes me want to do a nervous poop.. or ten.

I wonder where in the park he will be.

I decide to park my car somewhere close to the middle and enter through the middle gate on the top side. So I can scan the park for him from my vantage point on the hill.

I straighten my dress, my cardigan, my hair.

I straighten my back, my posture and take a deep breath before striding confidently down the hill.

Only my eyes give away the anxiety I feel on the inside.

They dart like a manic squirrel back and forth around the park- over to the play area and the tall trees down to the duck pond and over to the middle.. the middle. The chess set, to Kyle.

Kyle is standing next to the chess set looking gloriously overdressed in a suit and tie on a suddenly warm afternoon in March.

I smile, I float towards him.. feeling foolishly giggly. My worries, as always, melt away when we make eye contact.

He glistens in the sunlight, and I can't help but think how shiny and new he looks. Like he's just come out of his Ken doll box. His face is warm and his touch inviting as he reaches out his hand to guide me to the bench seat.

He talks to me, for a second too long and my roller coaster ride of emotion starts to even. Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps I misinterpreted the note. Perhaps...

He interrupts my thoughts when he jumps off the seat next to me onto one knee.

My heart leaps from my chest and he pulls a ring, THE ring. My ring from his pocket.

"Jessica Mary Gibson will you be my wife?"

I can't remember what I said. But I suppose I said yes. I imagine it was a yes that caught in my throat and came out all squeeky and high as I often do when my emotions are doing loops in my stomach.

I remember an older couple had paused to see the action, standing awkwardly off towards the hot house and I wasn't even annoyed that they were being nosey because I was embracing him and kissing him and giggling and smiling and .. was someone clapping?

Did they clap? Or did I just imagine they clapped. 

I am delighted. I am engaged. I am in love.

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