Monday, December 24, 2012

Hospital Smoshpital

On Tuesday. After my abdominal scan. Things took a turn for the worst.

I went in. They scanned .. I waited for the results. I took myself off to the doctors. Everything was clear. Clear and healthy. So why was I having the worst pain in my abdominal area?

My blood test showed my infection markers where up. My white blood cell count was up.

The Doctor suggested I very swiftly take myself to accident and emergency.

I dropped Boy off at my sisters. I was in accident and emergency for 15 minutes. My heart rate was up. I was clammy. Pale and I had lost 5 kg in the two weeks since I felt sick.

They put me on a drip.

They took bloods and a CT scan.

There was a mass in my abdomen near my appendix. I am so skinny they can't tell specifically what is inflamed or infected.

They started me on antibiotics.

They send me to the ward.

The surgeon came. Surgery. She couldn't say what would happen during the surgery. The had to look to see what was up.

I might come out with a bag if things were worse than expected. I might have Chron's disease. I might have cancer.

On Wednesday I was booked in for Thursday afternoon. I needed time for the antibiotics to reduce the infection/inflammation.

I last ate on Tuesday at lunch time.

No food and only sips of water until surgery.

At 1.30 pm on Thursday I went in for surgery. When I woke up I was in incredible pain.

My appendix was gone, the right side of some of my large bowl and 20cm of my small bowel.

I had had a Bowel Resection.

I spent almost 5 hours in recovery.

I didn't have a bag. But I did have a drain and a catheter. That night my blood pressure was very low. I was monitored constantly.

I have a 10cm scar up the middle of my belly that even goes past my belly button.

Apparently my appendix burst about two weeks ago. It had made things stick together and formed a mass in my abdomen.

So I really was very sick.

I really have been very sick.

So now, I am in hospital. Recovering, waiting for things to start working again. The pain is almost gone. I was allowed to eat for the first time, last night, in 5 days.

Food is amazing.

And I am waiting for the biopsy of my abdo mass. Just to make sure.


melandpeter said...

I only just called mum and she told me how bad it was for you. I'm so sorry I didn't ring sooner. I had no idea how scary things were. I love you and you have been in my prayers. xxx

The Kings said...

I don't know how you could've coped with all that pain for so long Jess. Sorry you have been so sick but i'm glad they finally figured it all out. Hope that you continue to heal quickly and feel healthy and well again.

Anonymous said...

You are a tough cookie!!!!!
Hope you are better very soon.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

OH MY GOSH Jess poor thing...what a high pain thresh hold you must have glad they could fix the problem but that sure was major surgery to be having as glad to see your Hunna got to be with you when you really needed him...Merry Christmas to you and a speedy recovery Jess...XXXXXX

Sandy M. said...

I'm sorry you have been so sick! I hope you are much better now :)

Vicsta said...

Wow Jess. I can't believe what you went through. I hope you have a speedy recovery and that your boys look after you.
Vicky xoxo

Chelsea Parsons said...

far out! just caught up on all your writings Jess. Thinking of you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope u r feeling a bit better. My appendix burst several yrs ago & poisoned my whole system. I lost 5 kgs in 8 days & was a real mess. A nurse told me it would take me months to get over it. I didnt believe her but she was right. It took me a week to be able to walk to the end of the hall! Take it very easy on yourself, dont strain yourself & go and see a good naturopath or homeopath to try & minimise adhesions.