Sunday, December 16, 2012

In sickness and health #2

When I am sick.

I am frightfully frightfully sick.

For the last three years I have battled with crippling abdominal cramping, on and off. It often makes me vomit. It hurts. It is tiring.

12 months ago. Fed up with my health I went to seek medical advice. After some nasty tests and a scope down my throat I was diagnosed with IBS.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was given a plan for management but ( as it seemed ) was basically told nothing could be done and I was figuratively sent home to die.

I became vegetarian in an attempt to focus more on what I was consuming. I read every possible article on IBS I could and did everything I thought I should.

But it has persisted.

Then I came to Tas.. a little over a week ago I started feeling the same ole abdominal cramping. Which inevitably left me vomiting and once again wondering what I was doing that was so horribly wrong.

The abdominal pain, instead of being relieved by a night over a bucket, which is usually the case. Has persisted. It has been with me for over a week. Last week after hardly eating for 5 days I took myself off to the doctor.

Who suspects I have been misdiagnosed.

On Tuesday, I will go for my first abdominal scan.

Here's hoping that its as simple as removing some nasty stones or a malfunctioning gall bladder. And it will all go away.


Because that would be the lesser of two evils.





The Kings said...

Hope you get some answers and feel better soon Jess

Eloise said...

I sincerely hope you've been misdiagnosed and that it doesn't remain to be IBS. That would be horrible. I hope you feel some relief soon!

melandpeter said...

I was told I had IBS but I don't think that's the case. I've been told it's the go to diagnosis when Drs can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it has so many symptoms similar to lots of other conditions. Feel better soon hun. xxx

Torey said...

I don't know you but your symptoms sounds like celiac disease. Have you been tested for that?

Jared and Cassie Watene said...

heyn Jess, It's Cassie Watene used to be Watson, I was from the huon... I read your blog from time to time, I quite enjoy it! I had my gallbladder removed earlier this year, didn't realise that's what it was as I have had that pain and vomiting for years and really bad when I was pregnant. Turns out my gall bladder was full of sludge and not functioning as it should. They didn't think it would be my gall bladder as I am slim and healthy and normally happena in larger people that are unhealthy. So it could very well be ur gall bladder! I am pregnant again and this time have had barely any morning sickness and feel so much better compared to the other two! So good luck! And being gall bladder free is so much better!! :)