Friday, January 25, 2013

This week.

Last week we came home from Tas. - Em came too. But more on that later.


For now here are a few of my favourite photos .. Just for fun.


Our first house inspection meant a whole lotta Toys needed to find a spot.
When they aren't spread all over the house. There is an awful lot.. Actually even when they are spread all over the house there is an awful lot!
The people's market delighted us with delicious 5 & Dime bagels and not so fresh communal coconuts. ( eye spy Em)
Then we ventured to the Clearit outlet. Twice because of its messy clothing awesomeness.
And I snapped a pic of Boy as we trundled down the road.
Yesterday when we went again he noticed his shadow, on a wall, for the first time.
He was amazed that Mumma and Bastian's shadows were following us and walking on the ground.
It's the little things that make me swoon over how gorgeous he is, how new everything is to him and how exciting the world is.


Nettie's Blog said...

he is a very handsome little man...leaving a trail of broken hearts Tassie that is !!!

Collette said...

I remember discovering my shadow and dad saying try and jump on it- now that's just mean-