Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ask Mummy Gibson

Our internet is finally back on. I am super, SUPER excited to get back to normal internetting activities, however, just the other day Boy spilt water ALL over the keyboard.  So now it isn't working, but thankfully I found an app for the ipad which turns it into a wireless keyboard board.

It's not ideal but it will do for a while.

So without hesitation I am returning with a Mum post.

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Mum at our Tasmanian reception

Ask Mummy Gibson

At the end of last year you went on a trip to Korea, what is something you learnt while you were away?

Korea was a spotlessly clean country with no graffiti anywhere.
The people were very proud of their culture - and it went back for centuries - very old culture.  They have had lots of wars and problems over the years but have come through to be a wonderful people.  I learned it is possible to be like this and still have 48 million people in the size of Tasmania - I wondered why our country is so messy?

They are all very smart and well dressed.  Very few tourists so we stood out.  Really up on the technology.

How many overseas destinations have you been to, where were they and what was your favourite?

I have been to Fiji, Thailand, United States and now Korea and Malaysia.  I really liked Phuket off the coast of Thailand, and Langkawi off Malaysia - those resort kind of places are great.  I liked the States because it was all so relevant to me.  I can't really pick a favourite all have something good about them.  I really like seeing how people of a different culture live and learning about their history.

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