Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sham

I woke up this morning, unusually early, it was 6.30. I was up a good hour and 30 BEFORE Boy woke up. He woke up a little later than usual. I woke up a little earlier.

That wasn't the Sham .. But it was a shame .. Anyway.

The house. The house is the Sham. I swear we cleaned up Monday? Why does it look like an atomic bomb has hit it?

Oh that's right, I have a two year old, newly named hurricane destruction.

A two year old who is almost a three year old. Gah! We are all getting old.. Especially Hunna.

Because he just turned 28..

I'm married to a 28 year old. That's only two years off thirty. Now thirty IS old. 28 is just.. Nearly old. Mostly old.

But for the future...when I get to 30 it will be the new 16... Got it?


Hunna miraculously had his birthday off. ( Miraculously because he has worked day and night for the past three weeks. )

He was in Tasmania, then Queensland, then NSW then back in Tasmania with me for Oliver's baptism. Then back in NSW. And we thought he might be in South Australia for his birthday but he wasn't.. He was in heaven ( because he was home.. Right Hun?)

And now it seems he's home for the week. So we will keep him, cause we love him.

Here's 28 reasons why I love ya guts Hunna.


#1. Your kindness

#2. Your ( mildly inappropriate, but never seen) public groping skills.

#3. The fact you walked into Zumbo and said " I'll take one of everything" ( I'll be dreaming about that forever. ) and it reminds me of my favourite scene in Fantastic Mr Fox where he says " we took everything"

#4. Your smell. Polo smells good on you. But you smell good on your own.

#5. The fact you always perve on me and then pretend you didn't.

#6. The fact you look at girls I'm looking at and then say stuff like " your butt is so much better than hers " cause you know I was comparing.

#7. Your willingness to serve.

#8. Your chest hair ( don't ever wax it ever again)

#9. Your beard ( don't ever shave it ever again)

#10. Your sneaky toothbrush hoarding. ( got cha!)

#11. Your odd sock wearing.

#13. Your laugh

#14. Your dorky dancing skills

#15. Your weird tradie tan. ( it's endearing)

#16. Your desire to work, earn and provide.

#17. Your awesome carpentry skills ( hahha I'm sorry I said you are a terrible carpenter when the shelf didn't fit, ok?)

#18. Your sensitivity and how you pretend you're not. You really are stoic.

#19. Your nose, don't ask why. Just take it

#20. The father you have grown into and continue growing into.

#21. The fact you read my blog before I ask you to.

#22. Your exceptional toilet cleaning skills. ( chisel and all)

#23. Your corny Dad jokes. " Know what else is in'tents'?"

#24. Your testimony ( and the way you bear it every month because the 'Holy Ghost' pokes you )

#25. Your good nature

#26. You have great integrity

#27. You admit when you're wrong

#28. Because you love me more than I will ever realise.


Happy Birthday Lover x


melandpeter said...

Naw. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Kyle. Glad to hear you had the day off. You definitely deserve it. Hope Jess shared some of the Zumbo treats with you ;-)

Nettie's Blog said...

i was expecting there to be one of those numbers dedicated to how Hunna had taught his son to go nude...he he happy belated birthday handsome Hunna...XXXX