Saturday, March 16, 2013

{It is coming}

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There comes a time in life when you know all the things you have been dreaming are about to transpire.

All the back breaking, gut wrenching work you've slogged your way through is about to pay off.

This very day- in the mail- about to arrive in our little post box is one very significant and important piece of paper.

It wont be shiny or made from anything precious. But it will be worth more than any laboursome day in the life of an apprentice. In fact it will be worth more than the entire three years put together.

It will say "Hey, you! The one's who lived with your in-laws and sacrificed freedom and sanity.. Yes! You! it was ALL worth it " (can this be true?)

"....crushed, down trodden and weary we again, wait another week, work another week & hope that sometime soon our time will come."       (excerpt from my Journal, October 2011)

We wait with baited breath like we are in a dream land. Like we cant possibly imagine living on more than less than minimum wage (ahh. yeah...Julia -- could you do something about that?)

Everytime I turn the key and hear the latch click on the mail box... I hesitate.

Should I lift the lid?

It has seemed that financial despondency was part of life, will I now be able to shake the shackles from my wrists. Hasn't the weight of them on my ankles felt homely lately? Hasn't the raw rub of the cold iron against my skin felt familiar.. almost comforting?

Suddenly I realise, suddenly I find. This thing they call 'fully qualified & earning normal amounts of money'scares me.

The next 6 months are a critical pivotal point in our young married lives. Sink or float.

Save, come -  go. Move.. home? away?

The possibilities are inumerable.

We could end up anywhere.

So I hold my breath and wait and hope the suspense doesn't kill me before the lack of air does.

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