Friday, April 05, 2013

& something for cheese.

{n.b: the heading -- the baby is called Baby Bell, Babybel is a cheese. So I suppose that makes Collette & Hayden wine ( non alcoholic of course ) or crackers.. they could definitely be crackers }

Collette is having a baby. Simone & I are organising the shower.

The baby shower. (Although if you look at this picture quickly it looks like it says " Shower with Collette" ... but I assure you. It's a baby shower, not a communal shower party.( because that would be weird )

So here is what we have come up with after a lengthy text conversation...


Me: Righto. I can make a text invite if you like, to make it easier.

Simone: what's that?

Me: Like this... But better..

Me: it's a text vite so you just text it to everyone invited or email it or FB message it etc..

Simone: oh sweet that is cool as!

Me: Pretty Much, it's how we Gen Ys invite these days. ( pretending I'm cool)

Simone: My era has been renamed Gen B apparently. Breeding, Broke and um can't remember the last B lol.

Me: Breeding, Broke and Bereft of Memory.


( O.K .. so here is where we go off topic, but we did come back on point .. eventually, to organise who was delegated to decorations, food and games. )

So as you might've guessed. I got decorations. ( and invites ) which is good since I have to fly down for the shower. So I can post it all down ( can't exactly post food ) and because I always get that job ( because I like that job)

But I also thought, since Collette has a lot of hand me downs from Simone and I , that we should make a gift registry so people know what to get ( since she has a lot of some things and nothing of others )

So I chose a theme which is literally a baby shower ( see inspiration here ) and started on the invites and the registry.

Collette specified that she didn't want a lock in registry but more a list of ideas. Considering whenever you have a baby shower you usually get a bazillion people asking what you need I thought I'd do a website and put it on the invites ( problem solved) and to save on doubling up make it into a loose registry ( problem #2 solved )

Here is what I've come up with so far...

It has also sort of turned into my ultimate list of baby stuff.. (Not that we are having another baby anytime soon) but still.. a girl can dream....for her sister.

But if you were thinking of giving me a present to say thank you a Pink Cheek Studios mobile wouldn't go astray.. Just saying.
And here's the outline for the digital invite. Neat huh?

See you at the shower! 
( but not in the shower.. Unless you're Hunna, and then you are very welcome)


Collette said...

ok the hunna comment on the end = too far!

Simone Triffitt said...

haha, "broke burdened breeders"

very cool way to invite I must say!!