Tuesday, April 02, 2013

& an unplanned adventure.

I cannot believe it has been a whole week all ready. I can't believe Easter has come and gone..


We decided to go on a camping holiday for the long weekend. 4 days of relaxation.

Usually when we go on holidays ( being the list writer I am) I love planning every little skerrick of every moment but this time we set out without a destination and a tank full of petrol to just enjoy a road trip together.


It ended up being a fantastic Easter weekend - fantastic in that is was very relaxing. Unfantasic in that I am always a human hotdog for mosquitoes whenever we go camping.

Also, I got a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot. Worst. Place. Ever.

So on Friday morning we packed the car up and started out on our adventure.

We just kept driving and driving and singing and eating and...well..

We made it to Mildura.

Lucky I had packed enough to feed an army for the whole weekend. Unluckily I had forgotten to pack socks. So thongs is was ( the shoe thong not the underwear thong, just in case you're American -- I always feel uncomfortable writing thongs now that I know it's not generally a word everyone relates to foot wear) and our little tootsie toes froze in the barely warm 24 degree celsius air all weekend.

(*side note: if you're Tasmanian 24 is a nice mild day and I can imagine you wouldn't mind wearing thongs or even t-shirts in that sorta weather.

Considering I am Tasmanian, and I was freezing in the 24 degree temp, I think I have now offically acclimatised and crossed to the dark side.

Now I will be known as a Victorian. It's been 4 years coming.. But.. When a girls teeth chatter at 24 she's turned mainlander.)

Talking about 24, I am very excited to be surprised later this year for my 25th with a big fat surprise party with all my wonderful friends and family which my loving Hunna ( I'm sure ) has all ready started to organise. *cough, hint* SURPRISE

Anyway .. Camping.

We were camping, I got bitten, we ate delicious camping food and delicious not camping take out.


I didn't shower for three whole days and when we got to Mildura we spent a whole $9 on going to the pool just so we could shower ourselves ( after a swim of course ) .. Best $9 I ever spent.

And then we trailed into S.A to come down their side of the border, we had a little car trouble around Pinaroo and I reminisced of the time we stayed in the local Pub on a trip home from Adelaide three years ago. ( Think curly hairs from strangers groins on pillows instead of neatly placed chocolates. ) and we arrived to catch the sunset in Mount Gambier on Sunday night.


All along the way we played the best game with Boy, where we stopped at every playground/park he pointed out. This turned into literally stopping at every park along the way. ( He can smell a park a mile off) But whose counting the 27 park slides and 52 park swings we encountered? Not me! That would be crazy.. ( I just made those numbers up because it would actually be crazy to count all the slides and swings along the way.)

So it was decidedly the best unplanned - mildly planned- adventure I've ever had.

Three tanks of petrol and 35 parks ( yeah I just made that up too.. it was just alot of parks, o.k ) later we arrived back for Monday Roast at the Shire.


some things

( inspired by this )

Something I did:

I read a book. From start to finish. In two days. It was bliss.

Something I thought:

Somewhere near Berri I was thinking ' this is the stuff that makes memories ' as I gazed over to Boy in his seat, and then the dog started drooling everywhere and I was jolted out of my epiphany.

Something I saw:

A carpet of cockatoos covering an entire field ( it was a small field... ... Or they were super large cockatoos..)

Something I learnt:

Sometimes you don't need to plan to create an adventure.


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Chelsea Parsons said...

so good! WE did a bit of that when we lived in Griffith. You had to drive and drive to get anywhere. You guys went far! PS... after chatting with Collette about your medical stuff lately I took Darby to the doctor today. Another appointment Monday but I think things are ok. xxx