Friday, May 10, 2013

{Dear Boy} #3

Dear Boy,

Music is powerful.

It can enunciate words and feelings we cannot form with speech. It can lift our spirits from our mortal bodies and allow our minds to soar.

On the battle fields of old the drums united men and gave them courage. The beats wordlessly relaying messages  for attack and retreat.

In the battlefield of today it will lift you up or it will tear you down.

Without knowing it will creep into your ears and settle in your soul and its message will become part of who you are.

Beware of music that is unsavoury.

When I was a little girl my Dad taught me to appreciate good music, the music of Chopin and Mozart, of Rachmaninov and Bach.

 He taught me how to sing, how to play and how to listen.

Use music to your advantage.

Use it to mourn in times of sorrow. Use it to buoy yourself with courage in times of conformity.

These things my Dad knew, These things I know and hopefully you know now too.

Love Mumma

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