Thursday, May 09, 2013

{Dear Boy} #2

Dear Boy,

I want you to remember that it's O.K not to know.

You are so young and you have so much to learn. But you have all ready learnt so much.

You have learnt to walk, to talk, to hold a cup and brush your teeth. You've learnt to sleep and eat. To grasp and jump. You have even learnt to poop in the potty.

Remember all of these things took practice, they took time. You made mistakes and you kept going. Its how we learn.

One day when you're older, you might feel awkward raising your hand and asking 'How?', you might feel pressured to know something all ready or discouraged if you try something and it doesn't work out first time.

But I want you to know, nobody knows everything. They might pretend they do, they might even lie. But I hope you'll be smarter than that.

You'll learn to question, to ask and most of all I hope you'll learn to be resilient. To have the gumption to try once, twice and as many times as it takes.

Because my dear Boy, life is not about success. Its about trying and failing and enjoying the fall just as much as the rise.

Revel in it all.

And most of all learn. If you are willing to learn you can do anything.

Love Mumma

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