Wednesday, May 08, 2013

{Dear Boy} #1

Dear Boy,

While you were sleeping I thought of my last post. I started thinking about all the good things we do have and best of all; I started thinking of the love we share.

I have decided to do more of the things I love. More of the things we all love.

I have decided to document a photo a day.

Of our life. Of our simple but full and beautiful life.

To capture more moments and stamp out the oppression I feel from the tight clinch of money.

In each photo I'll focus and I know I'll find the hope I am desperately trying to find.

I hope when you are older you'll remember that although life is hard, we can still choose to be happy. Through the mess of it all.

Because it's a beautiful, horrid mess. Which deserves to be lived and captured and loved and given.

To you I promise this. Until the day Dadda has overcome the obstacle of an apprenticeship- I will snap away and I will grow.

Just as you will too.

Even in darkness there can be a slither of light filled hope.

Love Mumma

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