Thursday, May 16, 2013

{Dear Boy} #6

Dear Boy,

Every morning since you were born, I have woken up amazed at how you have grown, amazed at how you are mine and amazed at how lucky I am to be your Mumma.

Your smile and your laugh and even your grumpy face makes me the happiest Mumma in the world.

Three year old you is fiercely independent, loving, caring and full of surprises.

You speak in full sentences, you jump with two feet, you run now instead of just waddling quickly.

You can pour yourself a drink and cut up your own food with a knife.

Everyday you amaze me and every day I love you more and more.


Love Mumma x

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh Wow Jesse cant believe Boy is three..Happy Birthday to best little nudist i know XXXX