Thursday, May 23, 2013

A break away

Boy and I are in Tasmania at the moment.

It's not as cold as I thought it would be, although it is still autumn and we are on the coast.

I'm taking lots of pictures and can't wait to upload them all.

Also, this Saturday is Collette's baby shower. I'll update on that when its over too.

For now, before I left something happened that I want to remember so I'm courier momenting it. Now...


During the week you come home from work. You are tired. You are tired of the constant battle we are in financially. Tired of the way you are treated at work. Like you aren't important or needed and with all the belittling that goes on since you wanted to be signed off early I see you losing zest.

I see that you're tired as soon as you open the door. I worry about you.

Later, I can't remember when. But it's dark outside. You are in the bathroom and putting on your jumper. The warm, woollen cable knit jumper I wish was mine.

The hallway is dark and the light from the bathroom shines all around you, like a cocoon of light in a tunnel of darkness.

I watch you from the darkness, pulling the jumper over your head, adjusting the sleeves.

You are in the light, you are my light.

I smile and step closer, the edge of the light just reaching my body.

I say " I want that jumper"

You turn and look towards me and say " You know what I want"

I laugh and throw my head back like your implication is so, just so you.

You smile, you smile with an inkling of mischief in your eyes and start towards me as you say. " No not that. "

Like I am wrong.

I side step out of the light into our dark bedroom and you follow. You bump into me and as we fall to the bed, giggling and fumbling in the dark, me to escape and you to embrace - you sigh and raise your voice over the melee.

" I want a cuddle"

I stop struggling, soaking in your words. You grab me by the hips and in the darkness I swivel, reach around and take your neck.

You surprise me. Because its the truth. You really do want a cuddle. And what I thought was an implication for.. Eh hem. Was actually wrong.

I cuddle you, breathing in the warm scent of wool and your cologne.

" I love you Mr Andrews" and I know that even if stuff at work is horrid, we are O.K. We will always be O.K.

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