Friday, June 14, 2013

The Shower of Baby Bell

Showering Collette with Love

So I am finally blogging about the baby shower, I bet you thought from the heading baby Bell was born and having a shower - well he isn't - so here it goes:

Collette is having a baby, so we organised another baby shower for her ( her third to be exact ) these are the perks of living / working at different ends of the state.

These are the perks of gestation:

Everyone came to see her eat massive loads of hubba bubba when she spelt anatomical birth related words incorrectly .. 

And smell delicious urine samples.. and eat chocolates from a potty.

Or maybe they came to celebrate and the other stuff was just an added bonus.

Anyway, it was loads of fun. 
And we don't mind playing daggy cliche baby shower games in Tasmania which makes it all the more fun.

Thanks for having a baby so we could have another excuse to celebrate and eat loads of junk Collette.


Collette said...

That picture of me is disgusting! CAN'T wait until you do about baby bell and I having a shower...when he gets here!!!

Collette said...

*a blog post about... (what's with that my baby brain is getting REALLY bad...totally just missed out half of that sentence, it MAY be because i'm watching Ricky Martin on TV and got distracted . Livin la vida loca baby!)