Friday, June 07, 2013

4 years x

Yesterday afternoon Hunna walked in with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.
I sat in awe at his suaveness while Boy sat on me ( he had interrupted a wrestling match )
And still I didn't twig.
Then I got up, took them as he offered them to me and said " They're lovely, what are they for?"
He looked at me quizzically and replied " Our anniversary "
Yes, that's right. I am the date queen. Celebrate is my middle name.
I did remember, last week, but since then - I forgot.
If he had forgotten, I wouldn't have even noticed.
The funny thing is, usually he is the forgetter and I am the rememberer.
Maybe four years has made us more similar than we realise!
Come to think of it, I don't think we were that different to begin with.
Four years means:
Surviving the great post office debate of 2013
Winning by not cheating in board games but convincing you I still do.
Sitting all over one another because we have no couch.
Making box shelves.
Never loosing Guess Who, Ever.
Never winning checkers, Ever.
Eating out and staying up late are O.K; sometimes twice a week.
Ironing and folding clothes is not as important as family time.
Odd socks are beautiful. Especially on small feet.
Holidays will always make us super happy and super sad when they're over.
Embracing a receding hairline is better than shaving it bald.
Two is better than one and three is just as fun.
Love conquers all, seriously. It does.
There have been so many moments over the past 4 years to cherish and I am glad there will be an eternity filled with more moments ahead.
*p.s: glad at least one of us remembered.
Love ya guts Hun. X


Collette said...

Can't believe you forgot! You were even googling present ideas when you were here!

charlotte said...

glad someone is embracing the receding hairline - no such luck in our house - shaved it is!