Tuesday, June 04, 2013

{Tutorial} Jar Tumblers

One of the crafty ideas I had for Collette's baby shower included making some glass jar tumblers for everyone to drink out of.

I found this tutorial on pinterest here. But when I went to get grommets from the hardware store a pack of four grommets was $4.95. 

I went home and had a look on ebay and found I could purchase them online - this method would cost $7 for 100 ( not including postage ) and take two weeks to come ( I didn't have the time or patience )

So instead I headed down to spotlight to find some eyelets and an eyelet punch, because I knew this would be a quicker, much more affordable option.

I also took one of the straws I intended to use because I couldn't be bothered measuring them, instead I just poked it through the different eyelets till I found a size that fit nicely ( my eyelets are a large)

There is only one problem with using an eyelet over a grommet. The eyelet punch would only reach 1.4 cm from the rim of the jar lid, which meant the holes needed to be fairly close to the edge and there was not choice to have the hole in the middle, like I have seen with other jars.

I made 25 jars all up for about $10.

.   .  Jar Tumblers   .  .

Here's what you need:

Empty pasta sauce jars with lids, washed and labels removed.

Spray blackboard paint

Eyelets big enough to fit a straw in and a punch.



I couldn't decide what colour I wanted the eylets to be.
I bought gold ones but after punching them through decided to paint them black as well.

How to:

Drill a hole no more than 1.4 cm away from the edge of each lid.

To make this easier grab an old piece of solid timber, place the lid flat on the timber, hold it with one hand and drill right through into the timber below.

Once all the holes are drilled load your eyelet punch with eyelet and press firmly to secure.

Now you can spray paint them and once they're dry they are ready to be used.

Get guests to write their name on the top so they know which tumbler is theirs.

Viola! 25 Jar Tumblers.

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The Kings said...

They were so cute.