Monday, June 03, 2013

// Back to Home

Boy and I are back from Tasmania.

Here's a short picture montage of the things we did.

When we first arrived we spent three days with Mummy Gibson, and finished the organisational things for Collette's baby shower.
I'll blog about that soon...ish.
( honestly, I am sick and you know what I am like.. When I mean soon, really I mean, " I'll blog about it eventually.. Within 10 to 12 months ")
Then we spent a week with Collette, we always love to have a good laugh when we visit the Bell family.
Especially when that laugh involves Boy and his plethora of hilarious faces.


{* n.b: this is not a tantrum, Boy wanted to go and I said " we are just paying" so he sighed and lay on the ground. }


Unfortunately I got sick at the end of the week, which ruined things a little.
It has actually been really liberating NOT being sick for so long. (Five months is a bit of a WIN on the no vomiting front for me..)
We thought since last time I went for two weeks without seeking any major medical assistance that we'd head down to the hospital at 3am to make sure I wasn't going to experience a repeat burst appendix episode/ bowel resection.
Although, I did point out, I only have one appendix. Which is lucky for me. And everyone else on the planet.
The problem was solved and I swallowed a medical cocktail called a Pink Lady and after having a numb tongue and not swallowing from a numb throat from said cocktail I was sent on my way...To spend the next day and a half vomiting..
Apparently one experiences gastritis or inflammation of the stomach from alcohol, cigarettes, spicy food and stress. Unfortunately - I don't do the first two. Hadn't eaten any of the third in a fair while.. So have to put the whole episode down to the fact that Collette stresses me out. A lot. ;)
Luckily I magically recovered around 7 am Saturday morning and by 7pm I was on my merry way, back to the loving arms of Hunna.
Boy, as always, was a real champion. He is very self sufficient. Including, helping himself to the apples when I am laid up in bed, the pregnant lady is sleeping and he is hungry.
Although apparently food isn't an excuse to wake up anyone but needing pillows to make his own bed downstairs is.
Like I said. Champion.
* extra: I am loving the new A Beautiful Mess App. that helps edit my Instagram photos.


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Collette said...

hmm pretty sure being 37 weeks pregnant and running up and down the stairs to clean out your vomit bucket is pretty stressful!
We miss Bastian! our apples and bananas and juice seem to be going A LOT further! Hayden is glad to be back on the meat! (he even said "i'm so glad you don't have any weird ideas about food, like saying we'll only eat vego for two nights a week" oh dear!)
I think we have successfully degermed the nursery :) It was a pity your trip ended on such a low... next time come here first so you can be sick with mum and not us :)