Thursday, July 04, 2013


I'm not 100% sure why I typed my life is a mess into google. (It's really not that bad)

I'm pretty sure I'm bored, and being melodramatic helps me beat off boredom.

So of course the Dr. Phil website pops up with links to :

What was I thinking?
Stop excusing inexcusable behaviour
Take responsibility for your life.

Interesting, some people have huge issues.

But I've got bigger fish to fry Dr. Phil.

I am on the path to self discovery
( read about my quarter life crisis here)

Ok, so it seems the haircut might not have worked to jettison my butt into action. ( I'm not even sure if jettison was the right verb to use then, but it sounded important. So I'll stick with it..)

So now it's down to me and a list.

What type of a list helps with self discovery?

I suppose I better use my excellent list making skills to list a few things I need to finish:

Things to finish:
#1 From like to loke, from loke to love and beyond.
#2 Dear Boy

Things to do:
#3 Search for meaningful online course which is relevant to me..
#4 Search for meaningful job which will suit my SAHM/ lady of leisure lifestyle.
#4.5 Take life a lot less seriously.

Things to start:
#5 write my life story

Things to wish for:
#6 talent scout finds you, loves your writing and pays you to write a weekly column like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City, only with a lot less nudity attached and much better humour.

Epiphany: ( see i told you list writing helps!) look into journalism, writing and or becoming the next J.K Rowling. ( but most definitely not like Charlie Cussing Pickering and his biased platforming pseudo journalistic posse)

Although props for Pickering because he probably doesn't type 'my life is a mess ' into google.

List out.

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