Monday, July 08, 2013

A bunch of stuff.

Hunna says I should stop reading other people's blogs because their lives are definitely not as perfect as they might seem.

I'm not under the impression that Joy has the perfect life or Kelle or Ashley or any one from any of the other blogs I read.

I think it's more about remembering, relishing and enjoying the good things. Moving on from the bad things. Capturing the moments and making memories.

They uplift me, they motivate me. They're better than any trashy mag I've ever read because they're real.

Most of all I want to read things that are real.

I want to blog about stuff that is real, that saunters around in me. That is the important stuff in my life bubble. My little monologue.

Currently, my quarter life crisis is in full swing. I feel weighed down by our stuff ( and some people who know us would probably think we don't have much stuff ) but to be honest with you, the mountains of stuff we drag from house to house weighs heavy on my shoulders.

Do we really need it all?

No we don't. Nope. Not at all.

Will I miss any of it? Probably not.

When we moved in to Phillips I set about acquiring stuff thinking it would complete the picture of our family life.

I bought a table and chairs. A chest of drawers and more.

Over the last 6 months since major could've died surgery, I've decided we don't need that stuff. So I've been selling it. All of it. All the new stuff and some of the old.

Like Adam Baker. I want to accumulate experiences, not stuff.

My perspective is slowly shifting.

Stuff doesn't love me. It doesn't care for me, and it won't be the thing I look back on in 50 years and say " Gee, I'm glad I had all that stuff "

So I want to tear back the stuff mentality I am caught in. I want to whittle it down the the bare essentials. A few well made pots and pans, rather than 10 crappy Kmart ones. A few timeless tops, rather than 50 cheaper ones. From 150 pairs of shoes to less than 20.

We can make do. Because I am absolutely sure. Everytime Nan got a new recipe that called for a different type of baking tin, she didn't go buy a new one to fit.

Our lounge room looks like it has been trashed, I'm in packing mode as our rental agreement finishes up in September and I am hoping we can grab somewhere a lot closer to the city, a lot smaller and fit in a lot less stuff.
{But at least Boys room looks like this ( for now)}
So please buy my stuff. Because I don't want it back. Ever.


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Nettie's Blog said...

have you ever though yours might be the PERFECT LIFE and everyone's else's is dull in comparison....i hope you still read my boring posts...XXXX