Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clean Up Cloud 9

Over the last week and a bit ( since the blog went dead ) the ball has begun to roll.

I'm simplifying.

First- I have started packing for our exciting move. Yes, we are moving again. Closer to the city. To become real melbournites.

This means. We are down sizing, which helps me justify selling most of the stuff we don't use and just hang on to ' just in case'

It's very gratifying packing and sorting and knowing soon, very soon, our adventure here at Phillips will be over and a new one begun.

It's also very gratifying removing the clutter from my life. Everytime I tag and box an item for our upcoming garage sale I feel a little lighter. A little more exited about being free from our extra stuff. ( and we have a lot of extra stuff)

I have been reading a blog called Documenting Delight.

Georgia is on an adventure to reduce and has decided not to purchase anything unnecessary for a whole year she calls it 'doing without'.

I love the idea of creating community swaps and gleaning items from family and friends.

I don't know if I would have the stamina to go for so long without buying absolutely anything except the absolute necessities.

So my happy compromise is to live with less. Purchase less and make sure what we have is well worth the money and space.

Did you know she lived in a bus once?


I am organising a combined garage sale. I don't have enough stuff to justify having a garage sale on our own, and even if we did. It wouldn't be as much fun if I couldn't do it with my beloved friends.

So come buy our stuff. ( including two of these suede chairs at a bargain price ) clothing, craft items, books, furniture, booqi stock, retro signs and glass doors and anything you can think of. We've got it for sale.



The Jacks said...

Since we moved from the tiny cottage to a 3 bedroom house we have gotten so much more stuff. Not sure why i feel the need to fill all the rooms. most of it we could probably do without...
Have any booqi photo props that you are selling?

Nettie's Blog said...

good luck with the move Jess ..be sure and post a walk through picture library when you are settled...i am sure you will sell all and you can go have a buy up with all the money from the sale he he XXXX