Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some things we will miss...

As we anticipate another move, I reflect over the last 12 months here at Phillips.
There are some things we will definitely miss.

One of those is the new local library/learning hub which was completed at the end of June. It's a huge 22 million dollar building with all new 'stuff'

Particularly they run a free program for Pre-Schoolers twice a week for an hour.

Each week there is a theme, books read, songs sung and then a crafty activity at the end.

It's really fun and unlike other libraries which have 20 minutes of Rhyme Time once or twice a week (with huge amounts of people) we get a massive plasma that flashes activities and words up as we sing, read and sign Auslan for a whole hour! 

We plan on going as much as possible before we leave ( if only to play with all the dogs )

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