Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Two weeks ago I started feeling your first little jabs and now they are strong enough that even your Dadda can feel them.

^15 weeks (September 27th)

In another two weeks I find out what you are. I'm sorry if you wanted it to be a surprise. I'm just not very good at surprises.

Your Dadda thinks you are a boy and some days he thinks you are a girl. I think he can't make up his mind!

You are growing every day. I like that.

^18 weeks (October 18th)

I like the way you make my belly rounder every week and that I get to feel curvy and feminine. I don't get to feel curvy very often.

I am very happy for you to stay inside for a while longer, I don't feel bloated or sick or anything except maybe a little moody.

In fact. You've been so good to me that I only felt a little tired in the beginning.

This spring/ summer will be our last as a family of three and when Autumn comes so will you.

We are savouring every moment of it being just us three for now but we are equally excited for your arrival.


Yours truly,



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alison said...

"and when Autumn comes so will you". I love that. Congrats again, Jess. So excited for you guys :)