Monday, August 11, 2014

Its nothing personal, its just economics

I have been awfully quiet around here. This is because I am busy. Busy back at school.. yeah - school! With a 4.5 month old, crazy!! But - why not?

In June I said to myself "Gee this whole two kid thing isn't as challenging as I thought, why not have a crazy life and head back to school?" (I didn't - who would say that?)

So I am only doing one unit a semester.

I'm doing an online course in Business Accounting. I'm studying Microeconomics this teaching period.

It's crazy.

I have no idea what I am doing.

It is the best fun.

There is SO much reading. I think I may die from reading.

Can you die from reading too much?

It is a definite change in direction.

Contemporary Arts with a major in Photography to Accounting. ACCOUNTING .. like a bonified smart person. (Even more surprising they let me in... are they letting anyone into University these days or is it just me?)

But I realised something over the last 5 years while I've had the longest study break in history...

I love art, but I am also good at other things. Other things which don't mean going on campus to study, other things which will give me the flexibility in the workforce I am looking for when I graduate.

The best thing: I got heaps of credit.

There are a few other life changing decisions going on at our place.

But I have to go read 3 chapters of a text book so I better go...


Collette said...

Well your sense of humor has improved since becoming an academic!

melandpeter said...

Well that is a surprise. My brain is so foggy I can't begin to imagine reading that much. It makes my head hurt! Go you!