Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 6 degrees of chub

Cheli turned 5 months old this month.

My favourite thing about my petits bébés is the delightful rolls which start to form.

Cheli's little legs have the consistency of raw chicken thighs. Its almost like she could burst at any minute.

There is just something about my little chubby children that makes me want to eat them.

It is a little disturbing.

Isn't it strange when you love a little person so much the only thing you want to do is consume them.

Breathe them in. Squeeze them. Kiss them. Smell them... and then possibly eat them.

I have a habit of squeezing her cheeks together like an annoying Aunt and saying " Ooo you're so cute, you're so cute "

It really is disturbing.

This is Boy at a similar age. Check out his baby chub.

Cheli & Boy are a perfect chub match.

I love making carbon copies.

Copy paste, copy paste, copy paste.

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