Friday, September 26, 2008



last night for my birthday (YES the one day of the year its not my UNbirthday!!) Chad took me to see Birds of Tokyo which was AWESOME!!

Heck YEs! (photo's to be loaded soon)

HERE IS ME AT 20!! (see above) clearly still over tired from not getting to bed till the wee hours/ was worth it!

also here is the photo of my new hair EVERyONe has been waiting for... (see above above)

CIAO mia amichi!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"HAPPY UNbirthday!"

(Generally I am still catching the bus but since it has been raining the walk from the bus to school has not been so appealing - dont get me wrong i'm still a greenie)

Today @ 8:15 I thought to myself " I think I should go to school now and get and early minute " - usually I leave at about 8.40 if i am going to drive. (since it was raining, I was going to drive)

I get down to the car, put the key in the ignition and nothing happens/ NOTHING at all!! it doesnt even tick over. I check i didnt leave my lights on (i haven driven it for over a week so naturally this could have caused the problem though it is pretty hard to leave the car lights ESPECIALly when parked in the garage so this would be a pretty dumb thing to do.)

Nope they were off .. I am now thinking " great, how do i get to school now? " then I realise there is an 8:26 bus which i can just catch. I FRANTICALLY run around trying to find my umbrella (which i cant find ) and sprint to the bus stop. Just in time to catch the bus.

Randomly : on the way to school Jack Preb. boards the bus and we chat till he gets off [almost and then properly ;) ]at Newstead College. {as a side note he is 18 in like 3 months. Whoa i feel old}

Then I get to my stop which is outside the city park. I now have three uncovered blocks and the Arts School parking area (which is BIG)to sprint past THROUGH the rain. UNumbrellad. UNprepared.

I get to school and look like a drowned rat, cold and shivering the rain had leaked through my so called ROXY raincoat. Turns out its just parachute material pRETendiNg to be waterproof.

What an onslaught: Its days like this you feel like you should have just stayed in bed.

as the mad hatter puts it "HAPPY UNbirthday!"

P.s: not to worry if it is he battery which i am certain it is since it was behaving like it is the battery i'm not worried because i only bought a new one about 10 months ago and it has a years warranty on it i think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A TRIp to CRAig

As most close to me know, I hate hairdressers. 

We go to them to get OUR hair cut - they usually cut it the wrong way and then after hours of  work and AFTER its all dried and styled they ask "hows it look?" ...

.. here you must make a choice. They have just spent who knows how long making their own masterpiece and without fail whether i like it or not i always say. " Yes, thats fantastic : I really like it " 

why is it so hard to be truthful and say.. "well actually it could be a bit shorter or YOU CUT OFF TOO MUCH!!" (which is often the case)''

Collette recently went to a senior stylist called Craig at Bliss in Launceston to get her hair dyed. As you all probably know... I went for holding hand - moral support for the first dye which is what a favourite sister ALWAYS should do.

He was really nice and I thought well - he is a senior stylist and after OVER 10.5 months (that is nearly a whole year !!) of avoiding the dreaded hair dresser my ends were pretty bad.


I would just like to thank Craig for restoring my faith in Hairdressers. He was excellent - although it is a tad shorter than I wanted he talked me through it and told me it needed that much off because of the damage but if i get over my MASSIVE fear and come back regularly we will get it back to a lovely long HEALTHy length =D yay!

It was the best $55.00 I have spentEVER.