Tuesday, March 02, 2010



Ok so my first attempt at a quilt/quilting is the following, actually what makes a quilt? or is it a blanket-- I dunno but Ive never made one and I never got a pattern and I just made it up---

my hand made biased binding is awesome..(thats what you call the trim around the outside) ok, so I am biased because it took me so long to make the biased binding (note binding = alot of ironing, but I didn't want to cheat and get all ready made stuff)

The blanket has three VERY thick layers, one flannel, one quilty wadding stuff (thanks Nettie) & one minkee so its warm and I like the colours and it may not have very straight stitching because it is so thick and I may not actually know how to attach bias binding or do corners but its mine :)

Kyley models the quilt.
mmm yummy, p.s if you think I have been using the spotty flannel alot your right but Ive run out now so flannel no more! (It was from Tassie)

Coming up soon "Giddy Up" hobby horse (pattern from Melly & Me)


Collette said...

once again MOLLY!

Carol O said...

Way to go Jess, well done. Hope you are well x

whimsy said...

I don't know how to attach bias binding either, so kudos to you for a great job. nice to make something for your little-uns isn't it :)

whimsy said...
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