Thursday, February 07, 2013


It is absolutely too hot to do anything.


Too hot to even think. Our unit doesn't have air conditioning.


My heat tolerance is ruined since surgery. Not that I really had a high heat tolerance before.


I can't vacuum, I can't cook, I can't move!


We have been downing summer rolls, sandwiches and lots of things that don't require the oven to be turned on or the stove top to be used.


On Sunday the fire alarm went off at church. We stood outside for a good 20 minutes before we were given an early minute.. Well and early hour actually. We came home, and lay on the floor with the fan on our faces.


I know there were others who were excited about going home early. But church has air conditioning so I can't say I was as equally pleased.Oh... and I love to learn about the gospel... ..


If you want to see what we did Australia Day weekend go here to Julia's blog. I'm too hot to upload the photos from my camera.

I'll do it later. When its not so hot..

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