Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The weekend

Last Friday we said goodbye to our table. I wouldn't say we had any attachment to it.. Really I was glad to see it gone as I didn't like it that much when we bought it 4 months ago anyway.
Except now we don't have a table.. Hmm
Saturday: We took off to Sorrento to go surfing on the terribly flat water ( we ended up floating ) and we caught up with some good friends and made some new ones too..
Sunday: I tried my hand at being stylist by googling suit jacket/pant combinations. When I pulled out what I thought was a winner Kyle pointed out that the guy in the picture I was gleaning my inspiration from was black which makes him +20% cooler than a skinny white guy to begin with.
I think it looked alright cause he is my skinny white guy.
I patted myself on the back for a church attire win.
Then yesterday, while on the phone to Collette, Boy turned the Esky into a make shift bed. Later - I heard a little voice " Mumma, Bastian hiding" and he had turned it into a cave. Even later it was a toy box. So it's still in the lounge because I love that he is using his imagination.
Our weekends aren't filled with anything extreme or adventurous but they are filled with friends and family and lots of laughter.
It's the little moments like Boy pooping in the potty and excitedly screaming " I poo snake, snake potty" that make me smile and remember how truly blessed we are as a little family.
I am learning, slowly but surely, that these little everyday highlights add up to a big and very fulfilled life.

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