Tuesday, January 21, 2014

31.5 weeks

Come, come jump on my pregnant hormone train. I promise it'll be wild and unpredictable in a predictably pregnant way.

Today's feelings:

I just wish my pregnant belly would stop making contact with Boys head.

It's truly not his fault his perfect little big three year old head is at the perfect height for my ever burgeoning belly.

I feel like a bad woman driver ( *stereotype not necessarily my true opinion of female drivers ) with no spatial awareness. Even worse it's bad spacial awareness concerning the bonnet. And that's way worse cause the bonnet is in the front, where you can see it.

I pride myself on being a safe driver.

But my bonnet belly seems to bounce off Boys head, no matter if I've forgotten I've actually got a belly or if I'm trying to be super aware I've got a baby belly.

It doesn't discriminate.

But I think poor Boy wishes it could.

I hope I'm not creating some sort of sibling resent before his baby sister is actually even here.

He's even been bumped between my belly and the bench - because of course his head is at perfect bench bumping height too.

Double wham.

Belly, bench.



1 comment:

Eloise P said...

I was beginning to wonder if the hormonal pregnant train was just mine to ride this second time round! I've definitely noticed I'm a lot more emotional, forgetful and stressed this pregnancy than I was with Florence! And I'm not even half way yet...

Poor boy =( I'm sure he won't resent her for it when she comes along. He'll probably have forgotten by then (fingers crossed!). Both of you could try and laugh it off whenever it happens to make it a positive rather than potentially a negative. You've probably already thought of that though. Good luck! =)

At least the belly bench double wham won't be an issue for that much longer! =D