Friday, January 24, 2014

The second.

Hunna said to me the other day it was hard imagining what the baby would look like.

When I picture her in my own head all I see is Boy as a baby.

I need to keep reminding myself that she is different.

Her temperament will be different.

In fact, this whole pregnancy - although similar - has been different.

When I was pregnant with Boy it was difficult to picture him at all - of course now when we say his name all we can do is picture his big blue eyes and dead straight dusky blonde hair accompanied by the most exhilarating laugh.

I wonder if she will have the same clarity in her eyes that Boy had as a baby, if her hair will be curly or dark.

I wonder if she will be completely opposite to Boy or fairly similar.

Its strange and wonderful, knowing what we are in for with a second baby.

I'm not sure if I'm glad I know what's happening ( it's definitely cut back on certain anxiety levels ) or if I'm petrified because I know what is about to happen ( ie: I have to give birth again, what were we thinking! )

I think the most comforting thing about having a second Baby is knowing that anything she throws at us will pass.

She will grow out of night waking and nappies.

She will grow to be a big nearly four year old, with a big and wonderful personality of her own.

It was hard when Boy was a baby to see past the newborn mess and savour it knowing he would grow so quickly, because honestly at the time it felt like he was 6 weeks old for an eternity.

People would tell me all the time to enjoy him because it would go by so quickly, but I couldn't relate because I'd never been there.

I'm quietly confident this time around we can relish in the babyness a little more, enjoy the moments and the little things a little more and just let what will be, be.

{ n.b: In the future if I'm severely sleep deprived, don't bring up this post -- it's never a good idea to talk about savouring anything with a sleepy Mumma ..... Seriously, just nod and agree with anything I say when I'm tired or validate that it sucks -- and take the baby.... for the weekend. }


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melandpeter said...

I love this post but I especially love the 'disclaimer' at the end. Love you Jess xx