Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wet Work

One of the things I love about a hot summer is starting a chore and ending up in a water fight...

could life be sweeter?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Sheep and le Google

Hopefully soon we will have the internet hooked up at Phillips and things on the blog will be running a little smoother again.

Has anyone ever noticed just how long it takes to get the internet hooked up? Like... is 10 - 20 business days really a reasonable amount of time? Honestly. Is that normal?

What did people do BEFORE the internet? Like seriously. What did I do before the internet.. I can't even remember... Oh .....maybe maybe I went to the library... *shakes head* no, no I didn't.

 So back to the internet - I haven't been able to google anything. ANYTHING. This is really, really, really annoying. (first world problem right here.)

Mostly, I need le Google when Hunna and I have a conversation that goes a little something like this...
(which is often.)

Me " Oh look Boy is watching Timmy Time on T.V"
Hunna " Its Shaun the Sheep."
Me "Nah.. there are two shows with sheep, this one is Timmy Time"
Hunna "Looks like Shaun the Sheep to me"
Me " No Shaun the Sheep is more like Wallace and Gromit style"
Hunna " It's Shaun the Sheep"
Me "Fine, lets google it...
Me " Oh, we dont have any internet..."

(2 days later, while scabbing the in-laws internet....)


Who was right Hunna? WHO WAS RIGHT? me.. yes me.

O.k so we absolutely positively need google because I am competetive. No! its not because I am competetive.... its because no body ever EVER believes me when I say ANYTHING and I need google to back me up.

Don't I have a trust worthy face?

Would I lie?

... O.k... dont answer that one.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My top pick of Educational Apps for a 2-3 year old. (ipad)

Lately I have been wanting to get Boy MORE interested in counting and colours. More than just counting fingers or playing hide and seek and more then pointing at his toys and asking him to name the colour.

I want it to really sink in but in a fun way.

So after downloading ALOT of bad apps here is my pick of the two best ( fun) educational apps for ipad.


Both made by CJ Educational
Boy LOVES both these apps. He has the best fun and can easily navigate through the different activities himself. He is learning motor skills when he draws shapes. He loves the counting game that shoots the number of balls from a 1, 2 or 3 to demolish walls.
Of course after the educational I love a good interactive story.
This one has to be my favourite interactive ipad story, by moonbot books.
The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lesmore
Now I know this one isn't free like the others but it is well worth it! The best part about the book is that since we have purchased it has been updated and extended so its always getting another great new interactive page added.
If you have any great apps that you recommend, let me know.
It's so difficult to find apps that are interactive, interesting and well made and I'd love to try some more out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be my Valentine

Dearest Hunna,

There are a few things I want to say. But when you left this morning it was far too early for me to be serenading you or coddling you.

Firstly, I want you to know I'm not so sad you shaved all your beautiful lustrous beard off the day before yesterday. But don't make it a habit.

Secondly, I want you to remember today is Valentines. That means, I will probably remember and you will probably remember at the last minute and we will meet in the middle of a beautiful valentines mess.

Thirdly, Boy thinks you look like Gran in this picture. He is very insistent that you are Dadda Gran.

Lastly, I want you to know that I love you more than anything or anyone in the whole entire world. I love you. The way you are now. The way you were when we got married. But most of all for the person I know you will become. You and me baby, we can do anything together. Alone we ain't as special. But together... together we are more than we could ever imagine. We're unbeatable.


I knew the minute we were sealed forever that life would always be sweet.


"So wont you be my honey bee?

Giving me sweet kisses all the time

Be mine

Be my valentine"


Loke forever,

Jess x

Kina Grannis - Valentine

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unlimited Potential

Back in school I can remember learning about potential energy. I'm no physicist but from what I gather, simply put, if an object has the potential to work/move it has potential energy.

Before surgery I was a woman on a mission, I was fulfilling my calling and packing and moving and cleaning and filled with energy I was rolling around at a hectic pace. Loving the life we were making for ourselves. I was going steadily towards our goals of home, family, financial security and many more.

Then everything that happened leading up to and at Christmas unbalanced me, it took me off the course I thought I was meant to be on and created a friction that bought this rolling stone to a grinding halt.

After surgery I felt a stagnant inertia, I wasn't moving. I had potential energy but was resisting any change. After all I was recovering.

Suddenly without the momentum I had before I felt the heavy weight of my rock. It felt like it wouldn't budge. Like I had no idea how to get it moving again.

Doomed to a life of solitude and stagnant thoughts.

Everything was slipping through my fingers like water in cupped hands and I was grappling to keep it all and clasping my hands ever so tightly together to save any skerrick I could.

The bills were piling up, my body was broken, I felt as if everything I had been trying to build was what was stopping me from moving on. Like in some twisted horror movie I'd unwittingly played a part in my own demise.

How selfish of me to think we could move out and keep the rolling pace we'd gathered so slowly since we started living with Hunna's parents.

I should've cherished the freedoms more, should've saved more, done more, relished in it more.

When the last trickle of water dropped from between my palms I felt beaten and broken.

Newton's first law of motion states that "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."

I had been unbalanced.

Writing this I actually think it is embarrassing how easily uncentered I am.

The week before last , I was giving Kyle my usual, ' The Lord will provide ' pep talk. The one I give when we are dirt poor and have just received another bill. - the has it been 3 months all ready? type of bill. Which seems to be about every week now.

But my heart wasn't in it. I don't know if he could tell. I was actually pretty convincing. I think I might've convinced myself by the end of it because I suddenly felt as if the big heavy stone which had been stuck in a pool of sticky mud squelched a bit sideways.

I felt my potential energy. I wrote this post on 'do overs' and I convinced myself a little more, that, even if the rock isn't on the track I thought it would take. Even if I have to push it sideways to get out of the mud and it goes on a completely new path. That's ok. I can accept that.

Maybe I am stuck in the mud because I refuse to push it towards anything but where I thought it should go. Maybe.. Just maybe.

A sideways push will dislodge my boulder and my potential energy will go kinetic once again..

And as I type this, I realise. I'm pushing sideways right now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The weekend

Last Friday we said goodbye to our table. I wouldn't say we had any attachment to it.. Really I was glad to see it gone as I didn't like it that much when we bought it 4 months ago anyway.
Except now we don't have a table.. Hmm
Saturday: We took off to Sorrento to go surfing on the terribly flat water ( we ended up floating ) and we caught up with some good friends and made some new ones too..
Sunday: I tried my hand at being stylist by googling suit jacket/pant combinations. When I pulled out what I thought was a winner Kyle pointed out that the guy in the picture I was gleaning my inspiration from was black which makes him +20% cooler than a skinny white guy to begin with.
I think it looked alright cause he is my skinny white guy.
I patted myself on the back for a church attire win.
Then yesterday, while on the phone to Collette, Boy turned the Esky into a make shift bed. Later - I heard a little voice " Mumma, Bastian hiding" and he had turned it into a cave. Even later it was a toy box. So it's still in the lounge because I love that he is using his imagination.
Our weekends aren't filled with anything extreme or adventurous but they are filled with friends and family and lots of laughter.
It's the little moments like Boy pooping in the potty and excitedly screaming " I poo snake, snake potty" that make me smile and remember how truly blessed we are as a little family.
I am learning, slowly but surely, that these little everyday highlights add up to a big and very fulfilled life.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


It is absolutely too hot to do anything.


Too hot to even think. Our unit doesn't have air conditioning.


My heat tolerance is ruined since surgery. Not that I really had a high heat tolerance before.


I can't vacuum, I can't cook, I can't move!


We have been downing summer rolls, sandwiches and lots of things that don't require the oven to be turned on or the stove top to be used.


On Sunday the fire alarm went off at church. We stood outside for a good 20 minutes before we were given an early minute.. Well and early hour actually. We came home, and lay on the floor with the fan on our faces.


I know there were others who were excited about going home early. But church has air conditioning so I can't say I was as equally pleased.Oh... and I love to learn about the gospel... ..


If you want to see what we did Australia Day weekend go here to Julia's blog. I'm too hot to upload the photos from my camera.

I'll do it later. When its not so hot..